Accounting services for your business!


At Applied Thought, we provide reliable accounting services for small businesses through our trained Professionals . We listen to our client's exact needs which made us to achieve mutually agreed deadlines and budgets.

Our wide range of services includes,

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Accounts Payable Management

Applied Thought helps you in accounts payable management by identifying areas of revenue outflow and we take care from receiving bills/invoices for processing the payments to customers/vendors.

Our Accounting Professionals inspect, organize all your accounts payable related documents in one central location, thus our customers manages accounts payable more effectively.

Collect & Verifying Bills / Invoices

We Collect all the bills and invoices from the client through our and then Verify and enter those bills/invoices

Remote access to Customers

Customer access accounts online to review and approve the bills and invoices. In-accurate bills/invoices are categorized and sent for follow up with service provider to send correct bills/invoices.

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Accounts Receivable Management

Applied Thought uses its expertise to handle all your A/R needs from timesheet collection to payment collection. Our trained Accounting Professionals organize all your accounts receivable related documents.

Generate, Print and Mail Invoices

We handle from timesheet collections to invoice delivery. Each step is subject to vigorous audit and quality check to ensure we provide the best service possible.


Our collections team are responsible from following up with customers for open invoices to manage A/R efffectively.

Daily Deposit / Invoice Reports

Various reports are prepared end of each day and sent to customer's review.

Benefits are,

  • -    Cost savings
  • -    Secured check printing
  • -    Cloud integration
  • -    Experienced A/P professionals
  • -    Customized solutions to meet customer's need
  • -    Domain expertise in IT consulting industry

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General Accounting Process

Reduce spending much time on splitting expenses to accounts (or) journal entries by using Applied Thought's General accounting services where our trained Accounting Professionals categorizes your expenses accurately and saves your precious time.

Our General Accounting services includes Bank statement Reconciliation, Credit Card Reconciliation and Petty Cash Reconciliation Service maintains accuracy over appropriate time interval as required by your business.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Our Accounting professionals perfectly compares your bank transactions with your internal system records by applying powerfully customized rules and identifies the valid matching transactions.

Credit Card Reconciliation

We analyze your credit card statements and the receipts to find the variance in a accurate and timely manner.

Petty Cash Reconciliation

On Reconciling Petty Cash, first we will review the stated balance and calculate the withdrawn cash. Then, we analyze the variances by summarizing the vouchers.

Benefits are,

  • -    Accurate Reconciliation in Timely Manner
  • -    Multiple level Quality Control ensures accuracy of data
  • -    Dedicated Fax number to Each clients